Our values

Values are the things that shape you who are, the things that are important to you, that you invest in. If life was like Facebook, your values would be seen in what you like. At Grace Church we know what we like, and what we want to invest in. You can see this in three different directions: Upward, Inward and Outward.

Values are the things that shape you who are

Our upward focus leads us to worship God, to enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit when we meet and realise that without Jesus we can do nothing. It’s about loving God.

Our inward focus is how we, as individuals, line our lives up with the values of God’s kingdom. It’s about discipleship. We are all, in some way, broken and need God’s grace to restore us, to reconcile us and to free us. We learn together and work together to help one another grow in all wisdom, in knowledge, in love and good deeds. It’s about loving each other.

Our outward focus leads us help others. To care for those who are in need, to love our neighbour and to tell people about the hope and healing we have experienced through knowing Jesus Christ. This love of our neighbour means we want to be generous with our resources giving to those less fortunate than ourselves both in our city and in other nations. It means we want to be generous with our time to those where we live and work. It means we want the best for the cultural, physical and spiritual life of our city and to contribute to the common good. It’s about loving the world around us.