Food is important, it doesn’t just keep your body going but your relationships too. Just think about the importance of meals: Christmas dinner, midsummer, kräftskiva, meals with good friends, fika at work, breakfast with the family, BBQs on a summer evening, drinks at the end of a long day- whatever it was you were celebrating, discussing, sharing or mourning over, food was probably present.

Throughout the Gospels Jesus was either at a meal, going to a meal or coming from a meal

In the Christian tradition food also plays a really important role – not only throughout the Gospels was Jesus either at a meal, going to a meal or coming from a meal but important moments, contracts and promises were sealed with a meal. In the ancient scriptures, these covenant (or promise making meals) were symbolised by bread and wine.

Jesus made a new covenant or promise to those that would follow Him, also symbolised by bread and wine, and His followers have kept sharing that meal with friends ever since.

At Grace Church we love to have meals, taking the time in busy weeks to slow down, enjoy good food and catch up with one another. We also take time to remember the life-giving promises of Jesus by using the same symbols that have been used for thousands of years; bread and wine.