Sunday worship

*Currently all in-person Sunday meetings are postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can join us for our online services on Sunday mornings at 9.30am here or see our Youtube channel.

What to expect

We’re an international community so when you visit us you’re likely to meet people from all over the world.

Due to restrictions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic our gatherings are restricted to no more than 50 people we have 5 meetings on a Sunday.

9.30-10.30: Family creative worship (English)
11.00-12-00: Kanisa la Neema 1 (Swahili)
12.30-13.30: Kanisa la Neema 2 (Swahili)
14.00-15.00: Urusengero ry’ Ubuntu (Kinyabwisha/Kirundi/Kinyarwanda)
15.30-16.30: Grace Church (English)

Our gatherings are usually made up of four main elements and although each week is unique these four ingredients are usually present.

Sung worship

Every culture has a tradition of singing – we sing to express joy, devotion, adoration, sorrow and hope. Led in a contemporary style this section lasts about 30 minutes.


One of the most memorable instructions Jesus gave his disciples was to remember him by eating bread and drinking wine. This simple meal that we call communion symbolises the heart of the Christian faith – that on the cross Jesus gave his body and his very life that we might be reconciled to God in heaven.


We turn to the Christian Scriptures for wisdom, truth and instruction. We believe that, rightly used, they can shape us into the likeness of Christ and help us to live our daily lives in a hopeful and loving way. Each week we listen to a talk (also about 30 minutes) that seeks to explain and apply the Scriptures faithfully to our time and culture.


Fellowship is friendship +. It’s friendship with a purpose.

Find us here on Sundays at 09.30 am & 3.30 pm