Imagine a church where people deeply love and care for one another in words and deed. They’re openhearted to their friends and openhanded to those in need. They’re generous with their talents and committed to the common good.

In this church sins are confessed not hidden; burdens shared not shifted. Honesty and love mark their relationships, which are often shared along with the food.

When they come together there is enthusiasm in their singing, passion in their prayers and power in their preaching. Their devotion to Jesus is evident in their desire to learn and grow. It is evident in their desire to invite others to the table. We’re not expected to be perfect or to always get it right but we believe God does extraordinary things through ordinary people like us.

Now imagine groups of followers of Jesus all across our city. People who are committed to their area by loving the people and helping them follow Jesus too. That starts with one home or cafe in every station stop (153 of them) connecting people to the people of God, the message of God and the grace of God.

We’re committed not just to the centre but to the city – wherever that takes us. We want there to be lights all over the city of Stockholm. Jesus is the light of the world. We’ve been called to shine bright.